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Refreshing the identity of America’s largest brewer to help forge their future while honoring their heritage.


As America’s largest and well-known brewer, Anheuser-Busch sought to evolve its visual identity to better align with its new values and aspirations as a company. The refresh sought to preserve and celebrate its rich heritage by restoring and optimizing the company's renowned brand components such as its wordmark and iconic 'A&Eagle' symbol. 


The iconic “A&Eagle” symbol was redrawn to showcase the craft and character that was once embodied in past iterations.  In addition, modern enhancements were made to optimize the symbol for the modern landscape— allowing it to be scalable from large and small, physical and digital applications.

Completed at Prophet

Michael Ponton
Mike Preston
Craig Stout
Peter Dixon

Peter Horridge

Craig Oelrich

Michael Miller

Project Management
Ashley Strang
Josh Carlton

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